There is so much that just doesn’t make sense about the Phantom Zone. Both in the comics and in the movies.

And even though Christopher Reeve’s first two movies are rightful classics, the Phantom Zone is a definite chink in the armor.

Do they SUMMON the giant space mirror?

Does it just happen to be floating by when they had the trial?

Did you ever want to know what it was like in the Phantom Zone? Well, you have to watch Supergirl for that.

Do you REALLY want the answer?

For all its faults though, there is one classic story about the Phantom Zone that I just love! Steve Gerber wrote a three issue mini-series that was recently compiled into a graphic novel — Superman: Phantom Zone. Great stuff.

But really, why didn’t they just send everyone from Krypton they could possibly zap as soon as they knew their planet was exploding? Nevermind. It may be goofy, but it has given us some great stories.